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Royal Seat Cushion

Was $30 dollars Is now $9.95 

Christmas $9.95 Limited Time Sale

Softens Hard Seats

Even hard chairs can feel like the comfiest throne when they get the Royal Seat Cushion treatment. Boasting a thicker Grid than the Portable and Simply Seat Cushions, this option provides a truly plush experience.

  • Extended sit time
  • Hard seats + stools



Made in the USA


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This Purple cushion ships straight to your door at no extra cost!

Free Returns

If you don’t love your Purple Seat Cushion, just contact us to confirm eligibility and arrange a return.

30-Day Trial

Your 30-day trial begins the day your cushion is delivered to your doorstep.

1-Year Warranty

If there's something wrong with your cushion, we'll replace it for up to 1 year, starting from the date of original purchase. 

Rest Easy With Purple

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Christmas $9.95 Limited Time Sale
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Comfort-First Cushions

Inside every cushion cover is 100% Purple Grid, for a sitting experience unlike any other.

The Grid cradles your tailbone (and even wallet!) while cushioning the rest of your seat.

Hundreds of air channels paired with a temperature-neutral material mean you're not stuck with a sweaty seat.

Engineered to bounce back and withstand wear and tear from normal use. (It's even covered by a one-year warranty!)

Premium Features

No-Slip Design

With an anti-slip bottom, the cover ensures that the cushion stays in place.

Easy To Clean

Throw the cover in the washer and clean the grid with soap and water.

Totally Tote-Able

The cushion cover features built-in handles to easily grab + go.

Double Seat Cushion partially zipped

Product Details


17.5“ x 15.75“ x 2“


6 lbs

Recommended For:

Hard Seats


Machine wash cold, tumble dry low


Hand wash with warm water and gentle detergent

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Reviewed by 5670 customers

Excelent product

Submitted 4 days ago

By MXNMike

Location Tj Mexico

Best for Hip Pain, Support

Body Type 220-299 lbs

Used for Office chair

Verified Buyer

Comments about Royal Seat Cushion - Royal

As a Software Developer I spend most of the time seated on my chair, my hip and lower back was paying the price, with this Cushion all my pains are gone, its worth every penny that I paid for, I would definitively recommend this to any person that works on a desk.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend

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I just purchased my second Royal Seat Cushion

Submitted 14 days ago

By Sally

Location Southeast United States

Best for Back Pain, Comfort, Pressure Relief, Support

Body Type 120-169 lbs

Used for Wheel chair

I just purchased my second Royal Seat Cushion for my wheelchair. I purchased my first cushion over one year ago. I couldn't be happier with my seat cushion, I utilize it at least 14 hours per day.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend

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Amazing Product

Submitted 1 month ago

By Nate D

Location South Florida

Best for Comfort, Pressure Relief

Body Type 220-299 lbs

Used for Long gaming sessions, Office chair

My last office chairs were horrible. Felt like padded plywood. I needed to stand every 2 hours to give my butt a break. Got the pads and they were a game changer. I could sit on rocks with these and be comfortable. Wife agrees and loves hers as well. Chairs broke and got much better one's (Herman Miller) and avoided mesh seats since we have these pads. Got plain old plastic and they're super comfortable with these Royal's. I recommend them regularly in PC groups. After like 6 years I can't believe they haven't softened or broke down. Still just as comfortable as when new. I regularly can do 12-14 hours in front of the PC, no problem. No numbness, no circulation issues.

User submitted media

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend

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Game changer!!!!

Submitted 3 months ago

By Marcia H

Location US

Verified Buyer

Game changer!!!!

Was this helpful?

This makes car travel bearable

Submitted 3 months ago

By Cheryl G

Location USA

Verified Buyer

I needed a replacement cushion for my car, something that would be good in heat or cold, something that would not compress -- but both cushion and support -- this works ( OK I honestly haven't tried in subzero weather yet) For me it's my hips that end up aching along with my sit bones-- and this makes a difference. I had several moderately long drives this week, and was glad I finally ordered two cushions.

Was this helpful?

Love My Purple Cushion

Submitted 5 months ago

By Rebecca

Location USA

Verified Buyer

I've had my seat cushion about 7 years. No more sitting pain. It goes with me everywhere I go. I use it in the car and at work. This cushion has improved my life by reducing my pain. It's amazing.

Was this helpful?

Just right

Submitted 6 months ago

By Dean

Location US

Verified Buyer

I flattened numerous pillows since working from home this past two years. Finally, I decided to give the Purple Royal Seat Cushion a try. Immediately, I was happy with it. It's been a month and I still look forward to sitting on this. Would I buy this again? Definitely.

Was this helpful?

Best investment!

Submitted 7 months ago

By Sean M

Location US

Verified Buyer

Love my purple 💜. I take it everywhere and especially in long flights! I actually bought 2!

Was this helpful?

Royal Seat Cushion

Submitted 7 months ago

By Robert M

Location US

Verified Buyer

This is the 2nd one for me. I use them in my cars. I pull out from my car when I goto the park. They have Aderondike chairs. I could not shoot in them without this cushion. Makes a world of difference. When in my car on a long trip or a short trip, the cushion makes the difference between a good experience and a tolerable one. My highest recommendation is given for the Purple Cusion.

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Cush for my tush

Submitted 7 months ago

By Mike M

Location US

Verified Buyer

I've had my cushion for over a year now and the main purpose of my cushion is for long drives in my RAM Truck. After 6 plus hours of driving I'm not fatigued even though my truck seats are comfortable. I recommend this cushion for anytime you are in a seat for any length of time.

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My Doctor suggested trying a Purple Cushion. I haven't asked him yet, but was wondering if you could answer the question-Which one? My problem is after a stroke over 25 years ago, the problem has gotten so bad that sitting is a chore. I stand and the pain goes away. It is called a Sciatic problem. when I am sitting with two or three cushions (not the Purple ones), the pain goes down the right leg andthe right foot feels like it is going to explode.

Asked by Robert B P
Verified Reply - Purple Customer SupportGreat question! For anything in regard to sciatica, I would recommend our thicker cushions. So either our Double cushion or our Ultimate cushion would be great! Please note that this is not medical advice but just what I would recommend personally. I would recommend following up with your doctor as well!Was this answer helpful to you

is this the royal?

Asked by herb
Verified Reply - Purple Customer SupportHello there! It appears that you were indeed looking at the Royal seat cushion! If you have any questions or are looking to purchase this, feel free to call our call center at 888-848-0248.Was this answer helpful to you

Which size cushion would you recommend for a piano bench?

Asked by Linda
Verified Reply - Purple Customer SupportThe Simply, Royal or Double seat cushions would all work well on a piano bench! All three are similar in surface area but are of different thicknesses! The only seat cushion I would not recommend for a piano bench would be the Ultimate seat cushion as I think it would be too big!Was this answer helpful to you

Do you sell the seat cushion cover by itself?? We have the pillow but the cover got ruined. We need a new cover.

Asked by Lois
Verified Reply - Purple Customer SupportI am sorry but we do not sell the covers separately.Was this answer helpful to you

Hi,I am disabled and need the best padding to be able to sit very long. I would like your recommendation for the best gel seat cushion for me to use both on a wheelchair and in an airline seat (about 18X16) which I use when getting medical treatment. If you have one that you recommend for those with sciatica, it would probably meet my needs as well. I realize you aren't medical personnel but I'm certain you've heard this question enough to have an informed choice. I will be very grateful for your guidance. This is a huge expense for me on disability but I can no longer stand the pain so I am here to buy. Thank you very much.Karen

Asked by Karen
Verified Reply - Purple Customer SupportThe Double Seat Cushion would be my suggestion. It is 18" x 16" x 2" and it has two different size depending on the support you need!Was this answer helpful to you

What are the dimensions on the cushion? How thick?

Asked by Jackie M
Verified Reply - Purple Customer SupportThe Royal Seat Cushion is 17.5" x 15.75" x 2"Was this answer helpful to you

Are these cushions appropriate for people at risk for pressure sores or for people with no sensation in their rear ends? Comparing Purple to Roho cushions.Also, do Purple cushions come in 3" heights?Thank you

Asked by Jenny
Verified Reply - Purple Customer SupportWe recommend The Ultimate Purple® Seat Cushion for _**tailbone**_ sensitivity! It is 2.5" thick.Was this answer helpful to you

Which seat cushion is best for a recliner chair?

Asked by Janet
Verified Reply - Purple Customer SupportAny of our seat cushions would provide comfort to your recliner. The best way to pick the perfect cushion would be to look at all of the dimensions to see which one would fit best on the chair.Was this answer helpful to you

I drive a dump truck & a lot of roads in Missouri are gravel & not maintained. After a day driving from 0700 till 1700 & frankly my back & butt are really whacked out. Are the back & seat attached or are they separate? The reason I ask is because I have to get in & out all day also so if I get out idont need everything to follow me going on the ground. Get my drift

Asked by Andy B
Verified Reply - Purple Customer SupportOur back and seat cushions are separate. The back cushion does have an adjustable strap to attach it to the seat.Was this answer helpful to you

Do you have a waterproof cover? I'm thinking of my elderly mom. Would this work for her against urine issues?

Asked by Susan A
Verified Reply - Purple Customer SupportThe cover is not waterproof, but both the cover and the cushion are washable. You could use hospital pads on top of the cushion, if that is a concern.Was this answer helpful to you